OX Coffee

Established 2013

The labor of love for two old friends with extensive backgrounds in the field, OX Coffee is a unique, independent, specialty coffee shop and roaster committed to providing outstanding coffee and customer service in Philadelphia. OX focuses on serving high-quality coffee that is harvested, processed and roasted using sustainable and organic practices. OX is committed to giving back to the community not only by featuring local vendors, artists, and musicians, but also through educational opportunities that will continue to lay a solid foundation for a coffee-loving culture in the city. A compact, inviting and warm space, OX hopes to bring back the coffee shop as a home away from home where neighbors and visitors alike can spend some time together and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Sorry, no wifi.


Ox Coffee

616 S. 3RD ST



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Will Gross


Will has worked in specialty coffee since 2005. Starting as a barista at Joe in New York he quickly fell in love with the culture of coffee, the process of producing coffee and the community that coffee creates. Along with training baristas at Joe, he has worked for Ritual Coffee in San Francisco and for Stumptown Coffee in Brooklyn as a Coffee Roaster. After Hurricane Sandy tore through Brooklyn in 2012, Will was left to rethink his path forward. He ran into his old friend Max at a neighborhood bar in Carroll Gardens and OX Coffee was born. With Will's deep family roots in Philadelphia, he and Max decided to leave Brooklyn for a fresh start and in October 2013 OX Coffee officially opened in Queen Village. If he’s not at the shop, you can find Will at OX’s Roastery in Kensington, knocking doors in the neighborhood as a committee person, or in the middle priced seats at Citizen Bank Park.

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Max Cudworth


In 2006, Max moved to New York to study saxophone at the New School. Shortly thereafter, Max joined the team at Joe on 13th St. where he met Will and quickly climbed from barback to senior barista, developing and refining a sophisticated pallet along the way. When he wasn't playing jazz clubs in the Village, Max competed and placed well in many coffee competitions in the New York area. Max has always been a fan and frequent customer of small businesses. Around 2012, he decided that he wanted to put his own spin on a coffee spot and started working through the idea of starting a cart in New York. He dreamed of a place that would serve exceptional, hand-crafted drinks in an environment welcoming to both coffee lovers and folks who prefer tea. When Will suggested working together to open a brick and mortar shop in Philly instead, Max jumped at the opportunity. Max is a new Queen Village resident and digs Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, Chris' Jazz Club, and the Liberty Bell.  He also has a twin sister, Caity.

Email: max(at)oxcoffee(dot)com

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Aaron Scofield


Aaron moved to Philadelphia from the Lancaster area in 2018 to start college at Temple University, and the rest is history. Having worked at Starbucks in high school, Aaron wanted to continue working in the coffee industry, but move into a smaller shop. After applying at pretty much every shop in Philly, Ox answered the call and hired him on as a bar back. In 2019, he passed his bar exam and is now slinging espresso for the people of Queen Village and elsewhere! When he's not in the shop or studying computer science at Temple, you can find him at Union Transfer and other music venues, or running around the city taking analog photos of his friends. If you see him behind the bar, ask him what his favorite album is!


Julian Castillo


Julian is a former full time marketing nerd in the tech and video gaming industries that has turned towards a resurfacing love for coffee. This is his first coffee position, and he is stoked to share it at Ox with a team that cares about the bean. After previous experiences in fine dining and studying natural wines, coffee is officially his second favorite fermentation (cheese rules forever.) Pop in and talk to him about pop music, or gaming, and please bring more dogs in to see him.


Isabel Soto

Barista, Lead Educator

During the winter of 2014, Isabel was looking for a place to unwind and read. She had passed by a new cafe in Kennett Square called 'Philter' and decided to give it a try. After a drink mishap, she was served a single origin Burundi that was not the Chai she ordered. To be polite, she took it to her seat and gave the drink a try. That afternoon is what started it all; it was the best cup of coffee she had ever tasted! Isabel applied there a few weeks later and was hired immediately. She trained in Madrid two years later and returned with the utmost desire for quality control. She's on a mission to serve the best possible coffee with exceptional service. Isabel has been training baristas since, and enjoys learning new research on coffee. Ask her what industry topic she's fired up about next time you see her.

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8a - 1p